Saturday, May 10, 2008

Going Back?

Someone asked me tonight if I wanted to go back to Europe after I graduated.
I had just met the guy, and he asked one of the most poignant questions I have heard in a while.

I know I will be here for at least another year. But what about after that? Will I stay in the states? The economy is circling the drain. UC's are facing huge budget cuts that will affect the way grad programs are funded. I won't have health care again. Why stay here?

I love the poetry scene. I love many of the people I have met here. But what a question! I haven't thought about that in years. Odd.
I like this poem very much. Someone named Jenna sent it to me because something I said about R&J reminded her of it. I like it.


Jonathan Gargoyle said...

Hello Jack, very nice blog, if i am ever up north i would love to see one of your shows. -CC

Cameron said...

Europe might be the place to be. although the english poetry scene might be too spread out, but where there is nothing, create it, eh? Like the beats in Mexico City and Pound and Co in Paris and london (although i wouldn't really call what was there at the time nothing, just not alot of good poetry coming out of france at that time...) an oxford phd might not be so bad....