Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Memo Rail Day

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I had a nice day today.
I put some finishing touches on Sorry for Snake 4. It's going to be awesome!
I played chess with Cameron. He won all but once. I have no ego when it comes to games, though, so we both a good time. Cameron likes to win, and I don't mind losing.
I read some poetry.
I got responses and responded to responses about MAPP, which is happening on June 7 and will be spectacular! As far as poets, we have Joseph Lease and Elliot Harmon, two poets I admire and respect. More on that later.
I went to a barbecue for Gillian's birthday.
I have such amazing friends that more than one brought vegan grill stuff for me. I was touched and moved by that. So many people want to give you shit for being vegan, but even my meat-eating friends are totally supportive, and I appreciate that. They don't have to think of me, but there they were checking labels for me making sure things were cool for me to eat. Friends like that are hard to come by.
I went home and watched 15 minutes of television (Antiques Roadshow). I love TV and never get to watch it.
Worked on some poetry and stuff.
Went to a show in Oakland (Hubba Hubba Revue) with Matt and Ryan.
Played Pinball at the Hut until they closed.
I didn't drink too much.

I think I like Memo Rail Day.

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