Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Night at Pegasus

Last night was pretty freaking great. A really good reading, I must say. People were gushing with enthusiasm for Jack Morgan. That's nice and makes me happy. Some people were taking pictures, so I hope that they post them soon or eventually. Everyone gave each other high-fives because I asked them to and because they were really excited to be alive and at a poetry reading.
The reading was to promote the Back Room Live book, which is rather wonderful; you should buy it.

Tonight I am going across the water to Idiolexicon partly because Joseph Lease is reading and partly because who can miss a woman named Charity Chan? and partly because Idiolexicon is awesome.

There is a lot going on lately. Everything is moving quickly. I feel younger.
Have you ever done Peyote? I have not. I am mildly apprehensive when it comes to hallucinogens. I have never eaten acid or walked in the woods after eating acid. The woods are a little scary at night. I am more afraid of the woods than the city street. I am more afraid of Acid than Peyote. I am also quite frightened by scarecrows. I think scarecrows are extremely frightening. You only find them in the country, though. In the cities they are scarce. Scarcer even than good bars or people who know there is a revolution going on.

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