Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jack Morgan: Googlewhacked

Yesterday, I Googlewhacked myself. I am lucky that way, and it feels good. It's hard enough to googlewhack period, but to do it to yourself is pretty awesome. Apparently, if you search "pantagruelianly Jack" without the quotes, you only get one result: me. That's nice. It's also nice to think that I am the only person alive who has used his own adverbial form of pantagruelian, a word spell check says is wrong even though it isn't. The real adverbial form is "pantagruelically," but I think that mine is much better and will call it my own and will use it until all of the people I know cry out and are silenced at once.

A couple days ago I brought Amanda Nadelberg's book to my German poetry seminar and forced them all to stay after and listen to me read "Feivel," and everyone loved it and was happy I made them stay.

I also finished Joseph Massey's book. It's pretty good. I can't think much about it critically right now, though, because I have to think about William Shakeshaft right now.

Thesis-writing is not the hardest thing I have done. All you whiners. Come on.

I started a blog about the environment and veganism and stuff like that over at Viropop so that my peeps who like this blog and want to hear more Jack Morgan adventures and poetry ramblings and less environment and veg stuff won't be bothered, and the person who started Viropop liked my blog and gave me kudos and a prize. Pretty awesome.

I have also been reading the Colorado Review, which I only got a little bit ago. I like it.
I can't read Tao Lin's book yet. I really want to, but there just isn't time yet. I won't be able to read any just-for-pleasure stuff until I am finished with one more thesis. Then I will be all graduated and ready for more readin' . . . word!


Jennifer B said...

thank you for starting a blog for the veg stuff. that is very considerate of you. i wish more vegetarians were considerate like you.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I am not that considerate.
I still wish more people would go veg. It's better for them , the animal, and the environment. I care about all three.

But this blog is about me and my adventures in poetry, art, and the night.

The way I eat only affects that slightly.