Thursday, April 3, 2008

I don't know who these guys are, but this tickled me a little, and I am not ticklish.

I always thought it was weird that I wasn't ticklish. I like tickling other people. I don't understand why people always say "STOP!!!!!" when they get tickled. They are laughing, and it looks like they are having fun. Sometimes, when someone surprises me, I laugh for half a second when they try to tickle me. But if I see it coming, or once I am aware that I am being touched, I don't laugh.

I would like to be ticklish.

I know why I am not ticklish. I figured it out once I met other people like me with similar backgrounds. It's like we're in a club none of us wants to be in.


Jessica said...

Home Movies!! I used to watch that in highschool. Probably the most brilliant show created. (The last sentence is meant purely in the superlative sense, not as an actuality.)

Jennifer B said...

I'm ticklish and i hate it. i hate being tickled and i laugh only because, apparently, it's just what you do when you're tickled and you're ticklish. but when i say to stop tickling me, that person better damn well stop because i get mad.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I don't understand why anyone would get mad. It feels good to laugh. If I were ticklish, I would invite people to tickle me. It looks like fun. It's like when you think something is so funny that you start crying because you can't stop laughing; that's very cool when it happens.

It's also nice that someone is touching you.

I love that normal people are ticklish. I wish I were more like them.

Jennifer B said...

i just find it annoying. very few people can tickle me.