Friday, April 11, 2008

Can't Stop the Juice!

When I was at Tao's, he made me a smoothie. I am guessing it was an organic vegan smoothie. It was extremely good, and I thought, "I have to get a smoothie maker." My friend took me to Target yesterday. They have an escalator for shopping trolleys there. The trolleys are grabbed by plastic spikes and they go up their own way while you take a different way. I had not been to a Target in many many years. I think I like their commercials, but I haven't watched TV for a very long time, so that might be a weird fake memory. It's very bright at Target. When I was very young they smelled like popcorn, so I expected it to smell like popcorn, but I think Targets are better ventilated these days.
I bought a juicer instead of a smoothie machine. Last night I drank juice and watched "A Woman is a Woman." I don't know if it was a comedy or a tragedy.

When I clean my juicer, I feel all zen and shit. It came with a little white brush to wash the super-fine pulp screen. I kind of want to eat the pulp with a spoon. It feels like the machine is wasting so much of the fruit. Isn't the pulp supposed to be good for your colon?

Shakespeare is quoted or mentioned in every Goddard film I have seen.

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Cameron said...

I'll take a pound of ground chuck and a pound of the rump. Better make that seven pounds of the rump.