Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Way Writers and Other Dreamers Die

Last night a drunk friend got into a car. Promptly thereafter, three people landed in the hospital with small shards of glass. My friend called me to the scene, but she didn't know where she was. We found her using a police scanner. We got there in time to watch her take the field sobriety. I sucked air through my teeth as they put the cuffs on her.

The drink.

I have a lot of dead friends.

I guess I'll have a lot more before this is over.

"They're arresting me Jack!" She yelled.
"I see that, darling," I said back.
And under my breath I said, "but be happy you're alive."

I'm lucky to be alive, I guess.


Jennifer B said...

People never learn this lesson until it's too late, sadly.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Everyone I know seems to go through big dramatic situations like this.