Monday, March 31, 2008

There is an interview with Gene Morgan at Art Nouveau Magazine.  I like what he says about blogging.  A lot of people talk a lot of trash on Gene Morgan and Bear Parade.
I don't like everything that is on Bear Parade, but I have yet to find something I like in its entirety.  I have yet to find an artist whose work is all good.
Sometimes I like a poet's work, and then I see that poet read, and I think, "OMG, what the fuck was I thinking?"  But I don't give up on that poet.  No one who isn't on steroids can hit home runs all the time. Everyone craps.  Everyone's allowed a couple bad books.  Or readings. Or poems.

But I love what Gene Morgan does.  He occupies a space that the big machines have missed.  He hasn't tried to take them on or piss on them or whatever, which is what everyone claims someone is doing when they see them existing outside of the purview of the conglomerates.  They even said that about Dave Eggers in the beginning of McSweeney's.  Small presses rule my world. . . and the internet is where the poetry community exists now, so that is where I am.  I don't know much about "coming up" or anything like that.  But I know that the web is the place for artists to meet nowadays.

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Teddy Hanover said...

Yes, of course. Bear parade. . . But what about Bore Parade?