Monday, January 21, 2008

Hollway: Nathaniel Mackey and Craig Perez

February 7 at 7 PM is when Nathaniel Mackey is coming to UC Berkeley!
315 Wheeler Hall (Maude Fife).
They raffle off a book after the reading; I am not allowed to win it, so you should come and win it because National-Book-Award-winner, Nathaniel Mackey, has some pretty bomb-ass books, yo.

I did the poster. I like it.


Mumolo said...

Im happy to be the first to say that this is a beautiful poster and a very nice nod to artic/ antartic issues combined nods to recent gross animated films. wait what happening again? hah.

savage pig barn said...

bomb ass books for ice caps

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Since it isn't serious enough for serious literature events, I am going to try and rework it for our mapp poster. I'll have to create an entirely new one for Mackey night. Kind of a bummer.

I wish people would tell me when they worried about not being serious enough before I spend hours on a freaking poster! ACkzore!