Monday, November 26, 2007

Updates for a Monday Morning

In the new Hoboeye journal, I like this a lot by BJ Buckley. Maybe you will, too.

I just won a scholarship for outstanding work in the UC Berkeley English Department. The James Phelan award. So now I am officially a phelan. I knew it would happen eventually. If it happens two more times, the state of California will put me away forever. I am going to go to Virginia with the money in order to see some Shakespeare plays. I have never seen Antony & Cleopatra. I have always wanted to see that one. Thanks James Phelan and the UC Berkeley English Department. You'll make a trues scholar of me yet.

Sorry for Snake is in full effect right now. Working hard on it. We have a couple of my heroes in this issue and a couple of my friends. This thrills me. The whole point is to introduce heroes to friends. Even if you live in Chicago.

Through Hoboeye, for example, I met Meklit. Through Meklit, we did Mission Art and Performance Project (MAAP). The last MAPP we did was a huge success. It was really fun and awesome. This time, I will be reading at someone else's event. It is going to be great. I hope you come to see us. I didn''t even have to do the poster this time. Bonus!

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