Friday, November 30, 2007

Other Stuff, Too.

Hello. I will be reading at Philz tomorrow, Saturday the first of Decembre. Philz is in the Mission on the corner of 24th and Missions. Is practically the easiest place to get to ever. The event starts at seven, and I will read around eight. It would be nice if some people that I knew were there. Sometimes, when I am revealing my utter lack of talent, it is nice to have people I know there. They always tell me that I was good. I need that. I am weak. I am what Harold Bloom calls a "weak poet." But I'm trying, HAROLD!

Many things have been going on. It has been a very busy week. I haven't been doing some of the things I love to do, like blogging and reading National Geographic. I have been doing other things I love, though. I have been illustrating a Kleist novella called Der Findling, which I am also translating. Also, I have been putting a chapbook together. A couple of months ago, I felt that it went over quite well when I read it to a captive audience in the mission. The whole thing. It's called "Dearest Children of the Revolution, I am Pleased to Announce My Resignation." It will come out in one week. I hope you like it when it does.

Another thing happened that has been bothering me a great deal. I will write about it soon, when I have thought about it a bit more. It has to do with the most important person in poetry and a class it is teaching. It has to do with integrity. It has to do with censorship. It has to do with my utter lack of talent. It has to do with other stuff, too.