Friday, November 23, 2007

Chicago, Be My Kind of Town

If you haven't bought a copy of Sorry for Snake yet, you should do so. What are you waiting for? There aren't many left. At the reading last Saturday, we almost sold out. Now there are only a few left for internet purchases and there are two or three left at Pegasus Downtown.

We have not sold any in Chicago for some reason. That bothers me because we have friends in Chicago. We also have a poet from Chicago in the journal. What's the deal, Chicago? New York bought some Sorry for Snake. Will Chicago let itself be outdone by New York? Does Chicago support its poets less than New York? Doesn't Chicago know that we want it to be a part of the national community of poets? Does Chicago want us to leave it alone to rot by itself? Oh, Chicago.

I think the Sinatra song about Chicago is better than his song about New York.


Jenny Drai said...

You should have poured melted cheese on the magazines. Then maybe they would sell. I am saying this as someone who loves Chicago. It is my hometown.

Cameron said...

Maybe I should fly out to Chicago for the week and order one of your magazines. Have you had any offers to translate it for the overseas crowd?

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Sky Jack Morgan said...

What will the bay do without you?
Certainly not forget you.
The bay loves you, Armand Capanna. All the right people in the bay love you.

I like Chicago. It has a crappy airport but a good song. Best pizza I've ever had in my life.

Chicago renaissance poetry is something I find myself returning to quite often. Most Chicagoans don't know who the fuck Carl Sandburg is though. Unfortunate.

I am neither from the bay nor Chicago, but I hope to remember and stay connected to both and all other places that are home to ongoing poetic movements.

Chicago, like all cities are fine without poets of any kind. The denizens of urban areas don't seem to recognize poetry until they are fucking a poet. It is up to poets to support each other a lot of the time, unfortunately.

I've never owned a three-piece suit, but I have always kind of wanted to. I am a lame-ass motherfucking cocksucker. Grand slam.

Thanks for buying a copy of Sorry for Snake, by the way, man.

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