Monday, October 1, 2007

Me and My Shadow

And when you're feeling lonely, and you've run out of poetry, and you've run out of liquor, and nobody loves you, consider Sammy.

Back Room Live was on Saturday. It was fun. I got there late, and then I stayed late, but not as late as I should, or too late, I don't know. Valyntina Grenier is a nice person who has a really good thing going on over at McNally's Irish Pub. You should go next time. It's kind of like a speakeasy in the back, like poetry is the casino only cool people are allowed into. I think that this one was the best one yet, next to the one Jack Morgan and Tyler Williams read at, of course, which was by far the best.
I am the best.
You know how in the movies wise blind people and homeless people volunteer priceless advice to protagonists, and you're like, "that never happens." It happens to me all the time. People are always stopping me in the street to tell me things or to ask me things. They get very upset when I don't humour them, so I do.
A few weeks ago, a guy asked me where the free clinic was; I looked at his little map and told him. He told me I was a scholar and a gentleman.
Today, a guy stopped me and said that, in case no one had told me today, "God bless you for what you are doing. I know it is hard to be a scholar and a gentleman; you not only have to earn the axe, you have to dodge it."
Years ago, a person walked into the break room where I used to teach English in Karlsruhe, and we hit it off, and he said to me that I was a scholar and a gentleman. It became my motto after that.
Sometimes I am neither. But it is good that there are people out there who will remind me that that is the goal and that I sometimes am both.

Thank you, homeless people, drunks, and strangers!

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