Friday, September 28, 2007

Rae Armantrout

Rae Armantrout, the famous language poet, was awesome last night. She has a new project called "Dark Matter." It was really very good. I am going to talk in superlatives now.

Cecil Giscombe is the friendliest man I have ever met.
Lyn Hejinian is the most charming woman I have ever met.
Charity Ketz is the best graduate student reader I have ever seen.
Lisa Robertson is the most fascinating personality poetry has ever seen.

That was fun.
My bones are mice bones that crack beneath the feet of tyrants and friends. Sometimes I wish that you were my friend the way friends are in the movies. I would like to see that. Boots break bones easier than loaded pistols. Sometimes I wish you'd kick me harder. You cracked and said you loved me when I squeaked.

I joined a club last night: Friends of Manatees. Because they look like me. And when I sleep I am just below the surface. Right beneath your boot. I asked you to leave me alone, but I didn't mean it. I just don't have the valuable energy to play right now.

Pick me up by my tail and whisper in my ear, and we can be cute again.


cs said...

dead kings are beers that have been drunk.

David, Son of Walt said...

You heard Charity read?! Ah what a wonderfully, spunky young lady. I hope she remembers the boy who packed her home made kaluah for lunch. I am glad to know she is still writing. I miss her from her State College days. The only poet who ever called me a genius, so I can't help but slobber over her. :)