Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nathaniel Mackey at the de Young

Last night, I went to the de Young Museum to see Nathaniel Mackey read with Jazz Saxophonist, Hafez Modirzadeh.

The reading was pretty amazing, I thought. Actually, I totally loved it. The artists did a Q&A afterward that really complemented the work, and everyone ended up on the stage talking with them and other stars from the audience. It was one of those nights when you look at the people you're with and say, "don't you love the bay?" And everyone says yes and you rush to the BART before it closes and you feel alive and happy about it.

I had never been to the de Young, and it is such a cool place, that I didn't mind the TWELVE(!!!) dollars that it cost to go to the event. It was a nice respite from the dusty corners of dusty bookstores and church basements where poetry readings usually find themselves. I am looking forward to the next de Young reading.

We ended up drinking too much at places where no one knows who we are. Places where they don't care if you pass out at the table or black out and laugh too loud or read Chelsey Minnis as loudly as you can.
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Tomorrow night is NATHANIEL TARN & H.C. TEN BERGE
Pegasus Books Downtown for the eyeball hatred reading series.
Shampoo hated my poetry. They liked Sara Mumolo's though. Yay.

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savage pig barn said...

great video. and hey, i always think people can't hear me and so they overhear/hallucinate me saying ridiculous things i would never say. which might be ok for poetry. anyway, it's good to read loud. yes, i am reading your blog.