Monday, September 10, 2007

My Own Medicine/Poison/Advice

I've been trying to be nice on this blog. I really have.
When I am nice, my hits go down, and I feel bad.
Other bloggers say that my blog sucks when I am nice.
Another blogger wants to have a blog war with me so that I can be mean again.

I don't want to be mean or nice all the time.

When I am mean, everyone goes crazy.
When I am nice, no one reads my blog. No one leaves comments.

I have a lot of people telling me how to run my blog. It makes me feel like they care about me and what I write. But it is also quite frustrating.
Sometimes blogging is more difficult than it looks or should be. Sometimes it feels like a job.
I should have done this all under a pseudonym.

I was going to put up a P,G&E poem today, but now I will wait a couple days.

I erased some stuff. It feels Orwellian or something when I do that, so I almost never do. But someone left a comment that has ruined my day. It was good that they left it.

This link was the only important thing in the post.