Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Holloway: Rae Armantrout

A little crazy on the colors this time round. Partly because I am excited that Holloway is letting me work with color on the project, partly because I like to experiment with forcing unlikely colors together, partly because Rae Armantrout's poetry is colorful, and partly because my life has been an explosion of happy color as of late.
I am in better spirits than I have been in a long time. Everything seems to be going better than I could have ever hoped.
More on that later.


I was with some people some time ago.
I was talking about language poetry.
Some ass hole was saying that Rae Armantrout wasn't a language poet.
I don't really like classifications like that one, but I think she is called a language poet by most people in the know, and having read some of her poetry, if I had to classify it, I would call it language poetry. I didn't argue, which is the way I am when I am unsure. I thought the ass hole knew something I didn't, that maybe he was smarter than me in this.
He was very certain and very arrogant about it. I was very upset later about the way he started listing all the language poets and how he knew so much more than I did. I hate being made to feel stupid.
When I found out later that I was right and he was wrong, when I saw the way he is to other people I like, I got angry. I was just kind of sad that I let him make me feel dumb, but now I am pissed about it. Fuck that guy. I don't like him. I would pee on him. On his stupid spikey hair.


CLAY BANES said...

jack, i think you have a drinking problem.

MN said...

While I'm sorry that whatever I said makes you want to piss on my hair, I think that as far as Armantrout is concerned we may have had a misunderstanding. I share your distrust of this kind of labeling, but it's nonetheless a pretty undisputed historical fact that she is affiliated with language poetry. What I was likely trying to say then (because, well, it's what I think) is that her poetic project at times extends beyond what we generally think of as language poetry into something more referential (grounded, maybe?) than someone like, say, Bruce Andrews, who, while great, nonetheless has been writing in a fairly Bruce Andrews kind of way for thirty-odd years. Now, I feel like I'm being a little bit reductive here, but on the Rae Armantrout as language poet question, at least, we're not in disagreement, and I'm sorry if what I thought was a debate got misconstrued.

As for my general assholery otherwise, I'm not really in a position to comment.

CLAY BANES said...

if michael has ever been an asshole, i've never been in the same room, or on the same party line. indeed, well, indeed, i just fucking doubt it.

suzanne said...

jack morgan, on the other hand, has been a masculinist asshole in pretty much every room all of the time, on every party line. and local impresarios who blind eye/deaf ear that fact de facto support it.

CLAY BANES said...

all i ever wanted to do is to play a mean pinball.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I wonder if masculinist is OK. Is it OK? As OK as being a feminist, presumably. Everyone is an ass hole sometimes. Every time? OK.

Mumolo said...

what you say is very very important all of you keep commenting!!!!