Thursday, September 13, 2007

happy crappy slappy nappy.

I thought poetry was ruining my life, but it's blogging.
Thanks, Blog.

Did you know that Poetry Snark was blogging again?
Poetry Snark has always made me laugh one of those laughs like you used to laugh when America's Funniest Home Videos was new and you had never seen a video of a child accidentally smashing his father in the nuts with a baseball bat. No one ever said it was trashy, I don't think.
A lot of people like Poetry Snark. Poetry Snark has the good sense to keep their names hidden. You're only allowed to talk about poets in a negative fashion if you are hiding your name.
Sometimes they talk about poets I like, and I say things like "ouch, dude, totally not chill, bru."
Sometimes they talk about poets I don't like and I say things like "hee hee hee."

I bought a book put out by Insert Press. I like it so far. I am so happy that I like it because I have been upset about the world.
I am happier now.
My schedule is looking almost like a normal human being's.

I have been trying to sleep like a human, too.
Last night I got three hours. Sleep Sleep Sleep.
If I take Ambien and say my prayers, I will get eight hours. Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep.


CLAY BANES said...

i clicked your link LINGERIE and it took me to a blog with pictures of attractive young women in lingerie and bikinis. but in the top right corner is the picture of a woman's vagina (from an embedded movie) with the shaft of a man's penis coming out of her ass. what the fuck, jack. can you link to more benjaminmania sites, please?

Jenny Drai said...

it gets sooo much better than ambien

B said...

Well, now you're just being lazy.