Thursday, August 16, 2007

You Say You Want a Revolution and Cool Stuff

I have been hearing a lot about revolution lately. I don't think I know what a poetic revolution is.
I like that people want to argue with me about this blog. People email me and leave comments on my facebook. Sometimes they say mean things about me on their blogs. This is good.

But I don't want to revolutionize anything. A lot of what I say about poets being better than other artists is tongue-in-cheek. Originally, "better" had only to do with the poet's sexual prowess and passion. This was obviously half-joke.

I think that poets are the best people to comment on society. I think that people should turn to poetry for much more than wedding and funeral toasts. I think that poetry is the best art form because it employs the one tool that makes us unique as humans. I also think that wordplay is the most natural play that human beings engage in. . . way more fun than swordplay or gunplay.

I think that many people are living in despair because they are exposed to mostly crap music, mostly trashy literature, very little art, and almost no poetry. Crap is OK; everyone loves crap from time to time. But when all you eat is twinkies, your life starts to suck really quickly. So the only revolution I support is one that exposes more people to poetry.
People also want to know what I am doing in Orange County. I am rotting here. I am taking care of dogs. I am not from here, but I have lived here. My mother lives here, but she doesn't right now, so I am taking care of her French bullldogs. I have to feed one of them bloody hamburger by hand. I am vegetarian. This is fairly disgusting, but if he doesn't eat like that, he get's sick. The only readings here are open mic.s, and they are all in north county. I haven't had a car in years, so it is hard to get to them.
Some really cool things have happened.
  • Jasper Bernes's book, Starsdown just came out. I got a sneak peek, and what I have read so far I really like. It is available at Pegasus as of yesterday.
  • Tao Lin wrote a poem for Dopsy4ever. It will be published next Wednesday.
  • Guess who is going to design the cover of Abraham Lincoln's third issue. ME!!!

Anyway, thanks to all of those who emailed me with negative comments about poetry and poets. I like them, and I think that you secretly do, too. The scene might get gross sometimes, but that's OK. The self-loathing poet is passe.