Thursday, August 9, 2007

Video Store Poetry on the Immortal Star

I go to the same video store as Lyn Hejinian. Sometimes I see her there and get nervous because, although we've met, I am starstruck when I see famous poets in non-poetic settings. Our video store is small, and people have to slide against each other to see the new arrivals without tipping over the foreign language rack. And then out of context, I know it's uncomfortable to try to remember where you met the other person when they already know who you are. Especially if you meet a lot of poets, who all have something similar about the way they look.Today a beautiful non-poet woman tried to stop and talk to me in the street. I told her that I would not talk to her because she is a flake. I know her. She is a flake. Beautiful people often think that they can mistreat people or simply fail to consider people with impunity. That's the truest form of vanity. If someone is late all the time, it's because they don't care about you, being self absorbed. They don't need to, you'll take the abuse. Especially if they're beautiful.
A poet doesn't need to take that shit.
We are the bards of our generation. We are the immortal.
There aren't that many of us, but there are millions upon millions of pretty people. I see them every day. Lyn Hejinian; I don't see her every day.

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Tao Lin said...

being late is bad, you are a good man jack morgan.