Saturday, August 18, 2007


Tonight I missed a reading by one of my favorite poets.

I wanted to see Mark Wallace read very much. I have blogged about his last book, NOTHING HAPPENED AND BESIDES I WASN'T THERE. It is a great book.

I gave my copy to Tao. I don't know if he read it. I hope he did.
Every time I leave town, this is what happens. I miss an amazing reading.
In the meantime. I am trying to keep a good sense of humor about things. There is this one person who says very mean things about me. Deep breath. Think about something positive.
My friend, Jasper Bernes, gave me a copy of his book. My friend Jenny Drai gave me a copy of hers. I will start reading them both tomorrow. I feel honored to be given books by two such talented people.
))))))º0ºº0ººººººº000 0º 0 ºº ºº º ºº 0
I am going to three open mic.'s next week. Cool? I don't know. I hope so.
Mumolo and I are trying to get a gig in Santa Cruz at Book Store Santa Cruz. I hope that we can. We love reading together. I think that people love to see us read together.

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