Thursday, June 21, 2007

Even More Things to Love

If you haven't seen Paris, je t'aime yet, you should probably look into the mirror and ask yourself why you haven't. It is something you're going to want to look into. I know you don't want another person telling you to go to a movie you haven't seen, but with all the crap out during the summer, this wonderful summer of love, Ifeel that I must take the responsibility. I find myself watching DVD's from time to time, and I ask myself, "why the hell has no one told me about this movie?" I don't want you, dear friends, to suffer the same fate.

Speaking of films to love, here is one of those clips that make all the hours you've spent on youtube worthwhile. . . in fact, it justifies the 7 billion dollars Google spent buying it.
John Cassavetes smacking the crap outta Ronald Reagan.


Poetic love:
I picked up a tiny little zine a-little-while back, and I wanted to tell everyone how much I enjoyed it, but it's hard to convince people to go out and buy a little zine. . . plus, they're hard to find. You can get one on line though at their website: I haven't read all of them, but I would like to. . . and will. It's a long summer. Also, I think that their website is rather lovable.

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