Thursday, May 10, 2007

G.G.O.B. & J.B. @ P

Tomorrow, Geoffrey G. O'Brien and Jasper Bernes will be reading at Pegasus books; did you know that?

Geoffrey has been important to the Trainwreck Union since inception. He has been inspirational to many of its members since long before the Union was even thought of.

It would be horrible for anyone to miss this reading if only O'Brien were reading. But then there's Jasper Bernes. Jasper is one of the most interesting fellows that have crossed the Trainwreck tracks recently. We are all interested in seeing how this interesting fellow reads.

If you are going to go to one reading this weekend, it should obviously be the Trainwreck Union reading on Sunday, but if you're a mama's boy, or afraid to bring your parents to a poetry reading after your English department graduation, or if you just want to go to two readings this weekend, you should go to Geoffrey G O'Brien and Jasper Bernes's reading at Pegasus tomorrow.

Too, if you would like to attend our meeting, our Junta, come to Barclay's around 4 tomorrow. Word.


CLAY BANES said...

geoffrey told me he never intended to inspire any of you. also, he apologized.

jasper's hair looks way better than this photo.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

This was a great reading that I enjoyed very much.

UCOP Killer said...

Wow! I look like I just got out of jail in this photo. (Did I?) Thanks though, Clay, for the vote of coiffure confidence. Do I win any kind of prize for most train-wrecked looking face?