Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Translation Station Initiation

Wouldn't be cool if there were a publication in which one could find translations of the things that Trainwreck Union members loved? I mean, almost all of us speak multiple languages, and we all have different tastes and interests and skills to pay the bills. Wouldn't it be cool if we could kick it on up to the international stage while bringing that stage down to our level, interpreting the this world's words and symbols in a way that excites the teeming masses while propelling this train forward to places it has never even imagined? Of course it would!!!

Tonight, the Trainwreck Union has a few cars on the track to make such a project come to fruition. It's risky in that we will be doing things in a new way. . . it could spell disaster, but hasn't that been true of everything we've done? We have pulled off the rest because, well, we're the best.

Also, don't forget about the open mic at Nabolom tomorrow night. It'll be scary as hell. No crybabies.

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