Monday, April 16, 2007

I will call you who hide Lymoges.

Dear Lymoges,

Your recent attacks have not been appreciated. The only rape any Trainwreck Union member has ever committed is that of the mind. We do it every day with cylindrical instruments called pens, writing and riding our own lightning. Perhaps you should try doing the same instead of hanging onto ours like a hideously fat tick on our tail. We are lions, and you are one of the parasites that vie with numberless others to live off our spoils. Our nerves are of the Nemean sort, and our eyes are affixed in our heads and on the future. You may wear the skins that you have pilfered from our fallen, but you should rather hang a lambskin on your recreant limbs.

Your concentration on the history of your publication turns you into an insolent child who fights with his father's sword with a fraction of his skill. You are an embarrassment. A disgrace.

I encourage you to read and write and have fun with poetry and all forms of art. Violently rape it if you want to; wrap yourself in its arms if you'd prefer. But leave us alone, please. Everyone knows who it is that continues this sad game, this blood-sucking. Stop talking about us. Your old, dusty publication makes us sneeze. It makes us look like you make us sick, but it's really just an annoyance.

Yours, with no need to hide my identity,

Jack Morgan


For those of you who don't know what this is about, google us, read what someone has been saying. I suppose we shouldn't mind the buzz, but certain allegations are a bit hard to just ignore. Trainwreck Union Poets are the good guys! Or you can click on the link below and read all the awesome things people are saying about us.


I hope to see all of you at the Jorie Graham reading and the Throw Mama From the Train reading. Until then, keep writing and reading and doing all of the things that give you the illusion that you might be alive.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Um. Hi guys. I had no idea my little bloggie was going to become a forum for anonymous accusations against you. I feel pretty weird about it.

I could ... delete the offending comment? If you like.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I'll email you.

CLAY BANES said...

i'm into undeleted comments bigly.

Mumolo said...

where/when is the larson reading?

CLAY BANES said...