Thursday, April 19, 2007


Last semester, Beatrix Chan won the Campus Movie Fest with her film, Tell-Tale Heart. It is one of the coolest short films one can watch on good old Youtube.

Pablo Lopez just got into Brown with a full ride and has won the Lee Yang memorial poetry award.

Chad Vogler won the incredibly hard-to-get Haas Scholars award for his project proposal on the Harlem Renaissance.

Nick Roth just got off the set of "Lost" where he appeared in an upcoming episode.

Justin Botros keeps on making architecture students cry by winning all the internships and leaving his lessers to make missions out of sugar cubes.

Alex Snipes has caught the eye of people like Jack Hirschman and Lawrence Ferlinghetti with his astonishing translation skills.

Jack Morgan just won the Judith Stronach poetry award. He fancies himself a real-life poet now.

Between us, we've won more research positions than I can list here.

Connie Coady worked with 826 Valencia. Do I need to tell you how cool that is?

Jarrod Roland won an award for eating the most pies in ten minutes at the national pie-eating championships.

Sara Mumolo is the winner of a teaching fellowship at St. Mary's.

Sam Urfer slew a dragon.

Arthur Klepchukov won "best-dressed 2007" in Us Weekly for a white suit at a reading.

Gillian Hamel shot a man in Reno just watch him die.

Diallah Haidar won an award for most obscenities utters in an inappropriate setting.

Caroline Hamel stopped a train with one word: stop.

Arron Pawlowicz once laughed so loudly that a cease-fire occurred in Beirut.

I might have forgotten somebody, but who can keep track?

Such amazing accomplishments.


hank said...

Congratulations to us all. May we somehow manage to maintain our graceful humility and love for the less fortunate, for that is what truly distinguishes us from the petty tyrants and the sycophants.

Sam Urfer said...

It seems that wherever I go, whoever I talk to, I keep getting conflated with ancient Nordic heroes. This does not bode well for my love life, but at least I shall be remembered in song by generations to come.

Beatrix made that film? That rocked my world last semester, honestly. That was impressive shit. Never would have thought Poe worked silent, but it does.

GHam said...

how much do I love that the picture for this blog is a star wars reference? yeah, hold your immaturity jokes, old farts, you know it was just as cool when you were a kid.

seriously, though, congratulations to all. these are all impressive accomplishments, literal or metaphoric.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I liked the case with the rebel symbol on it. Plus, what other medal should one ever want after one sees Princess Leia give this one to Luke and Han. . . but not Chewbacca?