Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oru Kayak at Douthat State Park

 As soon as we pulled up to the lake at Douthat, it started raining, but we'd come all that way, so we decided to get in the lake anyway. The temperature dropped by 25 degrees, easy, but the water was really warm, so it felt comfortable.
Jim got up on the dam and took some pics.
I liked getting up close to the weir and looking over the edge. Lakes that have that kind of feature are fun because man-made structures like this are cool to explore.

I capsized once trying to get a lure out of some low-hanging branches, but the water was so warm, I didn't mind the swim. Douthat also has a beach with a little platform with a diving board on it. The beach was all but empty due to the rain. We almost had the whole lake to ourselves.

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