Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Starr Hill this Thursday at the Hot Spot

Starr Hill Brewery has this awesome line of beer called "All Access." It's sort of their experimental, showcase line where you can really see why the company is as successful as it it. All the beers are inspired by music in this line, and all of them (so far) are pretty incredible. 

The last one was Psycho Kilter, a wee heavy that is almost all gone in the state of Virginia, was awesome. My band did an opening, kind of a release party, for it at the Pompei Lounge in Staunton. People went crazy for it. Plus, it was just a great night with the Murder Bros. I personally had a good night, and there was not shortage of people coming up to me and telling me what a success the evening was.

This week, we're doing it again at the Hot Spot for the new Starr Hill All Access, Little Red RooStarr Coffee Cream Stout. We're turning it into a Tap Takeover and Steal the Pint Night. So every tap at the Hot Spot in Waynesboro will be Starr Hill, and if you buy a pint, you get to keep the branded glass.

I love events like this but of course, with a lot of moving parts comes a lot of things that could go wrong. The band we were supposed to play with cancelled at the last second, and for a minute I was really worried we wouldn't get all the beer we needed for the event. 

But now, we're back on track, and an even better band will be playing with the Murder Bros. on Thursday; namely, Dead Professional!

I can't wait. It's a free event, so you should come.

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