Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reading Anyone?

Tonight is the open mic for writers night at the Darjeeling Café. I like this event a lot because I get to share what I'm working on with the people in my community and also to hear what everyone else is doing. It's mostly fiction writers, which gets a little monotonous if a lot go one after another, but most everyone is pretty good, so there's always something to come back to if you daze off.

To sex things up a bit, here's a picture of Danica Patrick, a photo yielded by google when I searched "sexy fiction writer who loves to fuck poets"
I'm glad there is a scene here, such that it is, but it also makes me miss my writer friends in big cities. I wish sometimes that I was back in a big city that had a monthly reading series or ten. I want to maybe start a reading series with poets from the east coast, but it's difficult to convince anyone to come to a backwater. Hmm. I'm thinking it would be fun to try. If anyone wants to come to Staunton and read at my restaurant to people who like literature and "edgy stuff," too, please email me. We'll get something started.


deborah said...

Some of us fiction reader writer people sing. And certainly, we swagger. Look, if you'll dance, I'll do some poetry.

deborah said...

as for poets:

Thank you for all you guys do for us, jack.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I'll dance for poetry.