Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Translation Projekt.

I have an ongoing poetic translation project I thought you might be interested in here. It's a Bertolt Brecht poem called Jacob Applebock, or the Lilies of the Field.


oh look, stars! said...

I recently read one of his plays, The Good Person of Sezuan.. it has got few songs, which are ofcourse meant as commentary, but still as an individual entity they speak a lot. (:

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I like his plays, and I like his whole approach to theater. I'd love to someday put on one of his lesser-known works.

His poetry is incredible. I love it very much. It is a shame that his poetry lives in the shadow of his drama. Brecht's poetry is more accessible to most audiences than his plays, and his approach, his attitude toward audiences is just as palpable, and I think much more teachable and understandable through his poetry. YMMV.

Thanks so much for the comment.