Saturday, November 1, 2008

Georgia the French Bulldog

This is a picture of one of the French Bulldogs I'm dog-sitting in southern California. Her name is Georgia, and she's quite old. But she's still cute.

She was born in a litter of just one, which is weird, and she had lots of medical difficulties the whole time she was a puppy. She's stayed rather small; you can that my shoe in the background is almost as big as she is. Now she's ten or so, and Frenchies only live to 11 or 12.

Georgia loves people but hates other dogs. Even Ruby, the dog she lives with, her half-sister, has to be kept out of eyesight of Georgia, or she'll go crazy. Georgia's pretty tough.


Cameron said...

You let Georgia know
the singularity's near
those goop eyes no tear

isabella said...

sie ist soooooooooo niedlich...