Monday, October 6, 2008

Talk about a Train Wreck; the World's Stock Markets are Tanking like A Bush Twin during Pledge Week

I still don't believe that McCain/Palin have a chance in hell of winning the election, but surely with the economies of the world derailing today, such an outcome would signify the greatest train wreck in the history of the world. If I had children, I would be very afraid about their futures right now. Poets are always the first to hang when the world goes pear-shaped.


Amy Moor said...

please hang your balls on a fantasy hockey - email

and your literary ass is in

if you are litereare

Morcom Rose Garden

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I am only semi-literate.

None said...

lol ok well you left a link on my page but i thought, id leave a comment out of courtesy.

I agree all of them are trainwrecks

None said...