Friday, October 3, 2008


There's this East Bay rapper I like, Emaximus. I met him through his brother, and he gave me his Myspace. Myspace is the musician's calling card now. Everyone has a Myspace, but musicians really love it. They are crazy about their play numbers and downloads. It's kind of funny because I think the Myspace flash player is pretty crap. I'd rather use Seeqpod. But Emaximus isn't on Seeqpod.

Luckily, my favorite song by Emaximus is free to download at his myspace, "Ride the Strip." It's about cruising through Oakland and hitting up Jack London. If you have never been to Oakland or have never ghost ridden the whip on Broadway, you might not understand it, but I think the song is pretty hard but still funny as hell. I like that. The beat kills, too. Low strings and
very west side. I like that too.

His album is coming out in October as an online release. When it comes out, you should support Oakland talent by buying it right quick.


Bryan Coffelt said...

you DID get the SPIN job. i will infer such things until you answer my tweets.

Bryan Coffelt said...

spin job.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

no Spin job. Much cooler than that.