Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Links and a Super Short Review of Transsiberian

I wrote a blog post at my green blog about the treesitters, and there's a picture I took there.

I found an interview with Larry Bishop. I wish I could meet him. What he says about successful motorcycle movies is how I feel about poetry.

Follow up on the Hadron Collider can be found here:
Mary Diaz gave me that link.

Transsiberian is the most frustratingly claustrophobic film ever made, and it seems to be about woman's inability to adhere to any sense of loyalty or honesty. It takes place on a train in Russia, which is visually interesting and frightening. Everyone in it does an amazing job, all the peoplpe are realistic. It's written well, but I don't like the ending and I don't like any of the characters. Everyone in it's bad, and the one good guy is a schmuck and a sucker. So it is all right to call something good without actually liking it? Everyone else is.

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