Friday, August 15, 2008

Saloons, Naked Athletes, Falling Asleep

Naked PETA AmAnda BeardPETA is not going to let you forget that China isn't only trampling human rights.
Heinolds first last chance saloon oakland signThe Saloon was meant to support raconteurs who would keep the glories of the past fresh in the minds of the citizenry; for the comfort of the ancient mariners and the warming of the marrow in their ageing bones; for the rendition and preservation of half-forgotten chanties.
~George Heinold

Something weird is happening.
Usually, when I fall asleep, it goes like this:
I begin to doze but am conronted with a nightmare. I kind of snap awake. I doze; nightmare; snap awake. This goes on until my brain gives me something that isn't ugly enough to wake me up, like flipping through infomercials until you find a hypnotizing one amongst the flashing horrors. Lately, I've been dozing and getting good dreams right away. I think it might be due to the person I've been speaking with most. I have been getting tons more sleep than usual.

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