Thursday, August 14, 2008

K. Silem Mohammad giveaway!

*UPDATE* These books wen t fast. More will be up very soon.Clayton Banes and Jack Morgan at SPDClayton Banes (left), Jack Morgan (right)

Yesterday I went to SPD with Mums to visit Clay and buy "Dear Ra" and "Rubber Side Down." I hadn't seen clay since the going away party and wake for the Pegasus reading series. We had coffee. He bought pizza (pictured above). SPD is a great place, and I like them all very much. I saw John Sakkis there, too.

It occurred to me then that I had been talking about selling everything I own for a very long time. But now I just want to give it all away. I probably won't give everything away, but almost everything. I am starting with books and working my way up to much bigger and much more expensive things. I was going to do one book a day, but that would take two years or something. So, if you were one of the first to "win" a book, you'll see I put other books in there with them.

I just want to have a less cluttered life, and I have way too many books that I've read and just sit on the shelves. I can't move them, and I am going to move soon.

So today's second giveaway is K. Silem Mohammad's books. I used to have more, but I must have given some away, or someone has "stolen" them from me. They are: "Deer Head Nation," a really good book, the first Flarf thing I ever read, not knowing what Flarf was; "Abraham Lincoln 1," a poetic journal edited by Mohammad and Anne Boyer that I like in the extreme; and "Breathalyzer," my favorite book by K. and the one I reviewd in Rain Taxi.

The first person to email me (see right) will get all three in the mail. EVERYONE is eligible. Addresses will be deleted as soon as I mail the books. No records will be kept. When I get an address, I will update this post saying so and post another giveaway!


Cameron said...

maybe you should just give them to the top of a large fire. then they would at least be somewhat useful.

BB said...

long time lurker, first time commenter: this blog rules. I'm way out about my love for it. But a post and comment like this? fucking PRICELESS.

CLAY BANES said...

this shit fucking scares me.