Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking for Work

It's not easy keeping a poetic life.
I've spent the summer seeing plays, writing poetry, and driving fast cars. That's an expensive way to live.
Now it's time to go out and turn an honest buck.
I can't imagine anyone turning me down. My résumé is just that good.
I'm only applying to dream jobs right now, and when I get one, I will tell you.
If you know about any dream jobs that are open to world-traveling Shakespeare-obsessed, internet savvy, totally computer-literate writers/poets, let me know about them please.

I am thinking it wouldn't be horrible to relocate. Get away from the big city. I've never lived in anything else, and it would be a nice change.
I sent an email to Michelle Obama today, telling her she looked better than Jackie Kennedy during her wonderful speech last night. Unable to watch television, I get the video updates from the awesome Obama website and let the videos run in the background while I'm working.

Yes We Can!


Cameron said...

Actually, we might need someone to clean the house one Saturday a month.

savage pig barn said...

you're qualified, like Dwight