Monday, August 25, 2008

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Stormy Petrel Press is Jack Morgan's press. That's where you can buy Sara Mumolo's chapbook!
A lot of you didn't know that. They haven't been totally live for very long, and there are still a few things about them that we're tweaking, but I am proud of the sites and I am grateful to know one of the most elegant programmers I have ever met.

Ryan Stark is able to write code that looks super simple, which is way more difficult than it sounds. It's harder to make things that look clean and disciplined than it is to be fancy and opulent. What looks like a basic website for Stormy Petrel is actually a creative way to handle content management, one that I have never seen before, one that I am entirely impressed with because it gives me way more control than I have ever had on a website. I want to build a statue of Stark and put it in front of city hall or the mayor's house or something.

Speaking of opulence, if you use your iPhone to visit, I've made a fav icon for the device. If you go to the site and add it as a bookmark "to Home Screen," it will put the Trainwreck logo where the apps are so that you can just hit a button and your iPhone will take you the site. How cool is that? And the button looks really awesome.

And as long as this is a web-heavy post, someone told me there was a press ripping me off. I checked them out, and I don't think they are. I think I'd like to submit to them because how hilarious would it be to get published by them? I google fought them. I won, so I feel OK.
Trainwreck Union forever!

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