Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reading Tonight

Tonight I am reading at the Smell with Stan Apps and Aaron Kunin and Sara Mumolo. It's going to be incredible. Can you believe it?

Neither can I.

I think a lot of people will be there. I think that they will hate me. I think that they might make me cry and drink. I think that I might have to hurt somebody. I don't know what the Smell looks like inside, but my rock star friend says it's a good venue. But he's a rock star. Rock stars have a strange opinions on things rather often. Poets do too, I guess.

I am looking forward to the reading very much. I am reading with some of my favorite poets in the business and that's saying something. I am not sure what.

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Cameron said...

I want a follow up to hear how the reading went, damn it. It's Tuesday already! (Oh, and there are two o's in too.)Hasta luego.