Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some Questions about Gov. Spitzer and Alexandra Dupre

Wait wait wait; federal wiretap investigation caught who doing what?
NY Gov. Spitzer. Hiring an ESCORT!!!

How much did the investigation cost?
MMmm, Millions?

The questions I have regarding this little sad story about an American girl scratching her way through life in America, being used by the men in her life, being shuffled away and trampled by government officials, are the ones that no one seems to be asking. I thought that if I waited, some blogger somewhere would be asking something that mattered. . .

Why is the federal government throwing tax dollars away during tax season on finding out who's been paying for sex. Do you know why politicians and other rock stars hire prostitutes? Because they don't want to hurt their wives by having some stalker come by the house. You think that's weird? Well, people in power are usually pretty weird. Rock stars are usually pretty weird.

But weirdness aside, women can have affairs and never get caught because the men they're having sex with outside their marriages are not going to ask them to divorce their husbands and not going to come to the house crying and generally don't get all hysterical about love after one night together. Women on the other hand are known to do all of the above; that is, unless they're paid for it. Then they don't come around unannounced or unasked for. They don't even want your number. It is the perfect affair. At least Spitzer didn't have a whole other life no one knew about with another woman who got gifts and plane rides on the public dime while his wife was at home washing his underwear and raising his children. Spitzer is not that bad. Aren' tthere bigger fish to fry?

Aren't we fighting a war or something someplace? Aren't Americans the only people of an industrialized nation without health care? How are schools looking these days? Why the fuck is federal money going toward busting up the fuck trade? Who cares? Unless this story had to do with human trafficking, it shouldn't be such a huge scoop. Seriously. There is a war going on. people. Folks dying every day all over the world, and the Earth is getting warmer.

Ummm, why is prostitution illegal again? I forgot that one. It isn't illegal in countries much more uptight than we are. It isn't even illegal in every state. I mean, FEDERAL WIRETAP? Shouldn't we be wiretapping someone with a bomb? Have we run out of terrorists and child molesters and people who cheat on their taxes and insider traders?

Instead we're busy stomping on people who have sex of all things.
Alexandra Dupre is a sad story that should be known, I guess, and that brings us to another question: Why was this beautiful young woman a call girl? Prostitution has always been a symptom of a greater problem and not a problem itself. It's the ugly face of something amiss in a society. It's the part of our society we don't want to admit exists. It's hard to admit that some people love sex so much that they want to do it for a living, and it's hard to admit that some people have hit such a low point that the only way they think they can get out is to sell sex.

Prostitution is not a bad thing in itself, but the motivation behind the prostitution is important to consider. Some people have sex for money because they get off on that; some have it because they have a drug problem; and there are other reasons that open cans of worms, but what I mean is that busting prostitutes and johns for being prostitutes and johns is worthless. If you want to make a difference, fix the situations that cause prostitution, e.g., education, job market, fair pay, drug addiction, those types of things. Broken homes, too, which are caused by the same problems just mentioned, mostly.

There is nothing wrong with Spitzer getting a prostitute other than his cheating on his wife, but we don't know what kind of relationship they had; some people have relationships where that kind of thing flies. My home town is now the porn capitol of the world. That is sad. But what it shows us is that Americans are crazy into some perverted stuff. Americans are all walking around with fetishes that would make you cringe. They join websites to find other people like them so they don't get caught having their fetishes. I feel sorry for Dupre and Spitzer because they were caught being American. It's scandalous to get caught doing what everyone knows everyone is doing.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Why? It probably helped that the Justice Dept has been deeply Republicanized. You know where their priorities are, don't you?

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Yes, but it's disgusting. And I can't believe that Americans are more disgusted by a high-class escort service.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Sadly, it would be more unbelievable to me to find people suddenly outraged at corruption and indifferent to (or pleased by) sexual freedom.