Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cold Shoulder Pedestrian

Always look over your shoulder before crossing the street. Left and right usually have lights stopping cars, so the ass hole behind you thinks he can make the turn without looking and usually doesn't see you and is probably texting friends or something. Dying at a cross walk is sad; it makes your death more meaningless than your life.

Also, when waiting for your light to change, do not stand on the curb. The curb is the most likely place where a car will hit you. It is more likely that a car making a turn will hit you on the curb than when you are crossing the street, even if you're jay-walking. The three step rule is best: stand back from the curb at least three steps if you want to see tomorrow.

90 per cent. of all pedestrian deaths happen less than three steps from corner curbs. So when waiting. Stand three steps away and look over your shoulder before plunging into the asphalt darkness.


Jennifer B said...

this made me rather paranoid on my daily walk to the corner to buy beer/coke/chocolate bar. i have two corners to cross and people here drive bad. and there's a snow storm. i kept thinking: 3 steps from curb 3 steps from curb but still ended up dashing out when i probably should have waited 3 steps from the curb.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I might have saved your life today!

Today Jack Morgan's blog saved my life.