Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Poet Costume

There is a poet's costume. I think about it sometimes because I think that you can tell a poet by the way they dress. Also, people are always telling me that I don't dress like a poet. Someone even told me that I obviously don't care how I look. I have always thought that people who dress a certain way to fit into a certain crowd are phonies. I don't want to be a phony.

But when I moved to America, I gained a bunch of weight. The shit we eat here! Honestly, that is my harshest criticism of this country. I got used to eating everything on my plate, and now the plates are bigger. I got used to drinking one soft drink at lunch, but here they beg you to refill. So, I gained a lot of weight. I felt comfortable in my clothing, but when I adjusted to the lifestyle here, and I went back to a normal weight, none of my clothes seem to fit me anymore.

I enlisted the help of my aforementioned friend, who said that I don't know how to dress myself, to take me around the Mission and pick out clothing for me. I said I would buy whatever he said. I did. Now I Have a bunch of clothing that looks like something I would wear if someone else were buying it for me. But I still don't look like a poet. I hope the other poets don't make fun of me.

I think I'd rather blend in than fit in, but I have never been capable of either.