Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Political Race

I got home tonight to find my fish, Dopsy, happy to see me. I am happy to see him, too. My good friend, Sara Mumolo, picked me up, and we talked about poetry. I like talking about Shakespeare very much, but I like talking about poetry just as much, so it's nice to have both worlds. I am a very lucky person.

I forgot that I couldn't check my bag when I got on the plane in Charolottesville, and was thus deprived of my toothpaste. They took it because it was the wrong size or something. So now, I am without the means to clean my teeth tonight. Quite disgusting. The terrorists have won. How am I supposed to have fun in the shower with a girl in her bathing suit without my toothpaste? This is what the terrorists hate about us. They hate that we brush our teeth. They have tricked the government into taking away out tubes of toothpaste so that we won't be able to practice proper dental hygiene.

Every time I hear that the war is going well, I think about people dying for no reason, the fact that I have to take off my shoes on command, and that my toothpaste can be confiscated at any moment.

If I were raised in the country. this would not be such a big deal. But I enjoy brushing my teeth. Is that not an inalienable human right protected by the constitution that has now been truncated by the government? Should not I have the right to the pursuit of happiness? Don't the people in the above picture look pleased with themselves? It's because good hygiene is happiness.

The terrorists also want us to wear bathing suits in the shower.

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