Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jack Morgan Does Charity Work Because It Makes Him Feel Good

Here's a lesson: cmyk red does not translate well to the internet. You have to mess with it a bit in rgb and there's always a color shift. Then it gets fuzzy when you resize it. Red is a weird color. It takes a lot Yellow and Magenta to get to one color that your eye sees naturally. I have always been fascinated with color differences between light and pigment.

I did this for a a charity that teaches blind people how to ballroom dance. They are having a Christmas benefit gala and they decided to get the least Christmasy person they could find (me) to do this poster and an accompanying banner. It's getting me into the spirit, though, and it makes me feel kind of good about myself. Charity makes you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself is very important around Christmastime.

I don't celebrate Christmas as a rule. I try to ignore it. America loves Christmas, and it likes to show it. It's impossible to ignore. It's like that fuzziness you get when you resize a red-heavy image on the internet. And you think, "this isn't made for the internet; it's made for print, silly. Just ignore it." But you can't ignore it. I mean, it's right there, glaring you in the face until you click on it to enlarge it. Like a boil on your elbow. And you scratch it and it makes you feel good. Feeling good is important around Christmastime.