Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy Bee

Ethan Paquin and Chad Sweeney were incredible yesterday. It was a great night for poetry. Chad read from his book seriously cool chapbook, Mirror to Shatter the Hammer, and Ethan read new things, but he was new to me anyway, so everything would have been new. Everyone I talked to was thoroughly impressed by his poetry and delivery. I can't wait to read some of his work.

We ended up at Ben & Nick's where there were more poets and crumb chasers. A fun night full of singing and dancing and drinking--true revelry. Sometimes we need reminders like these in order to keep going; nights that remind us why poetry is the only thing worth it.
ºººººººªªªªª™™™™™¢∞∞∞∞∞™™™™A lot is going on in the Jack Morgan universe right now. Chad Sweeney was surprised. Makes me want to take an inventory.

Here we are:
  1. Sorry 4 Snake is underway. It will be out and available on October 20. It is going to be great.
  2. MAPP is taking place all over the Mission, but our event is at L's Caffe on 24th St. It is going to be one of the coolest things I have ever been involved with. It makes em want to use the f-word to describe it. MAPP is going to be fucking out of this world, man.
  3. Amiri Baraka is reading at UCB on Halloween, and I need to get that poster out.
  4. SHIT! MAPP needs a poster, too.
  5. I am also finishing the Patrick F. Durgin poster right now. He and others are reading on the 22nd at Moe's.
  6. And I am still working on the Abraham Lincoln cover. That's for spring, but spring is not that far off, really, when it comes to this.

So I really have to go.
I am also finishing my BA this year. That is a bit of work, too. I write, too. And I blog, and I sometimes call my mother to say hello.

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