Thursday, September 6, 2007

A little more about last night and other stuff.

  • Hejinian: Maybe the most charming, disarming, wonderful poets in the world. A pleasure to hear her, see her, and if you get the chance to talk to her, she makes you feel good about being alive regardless of your current situation.
  • Shoptaw: Maybe you don't like his work. But if you were there last night, I think you would have liked his first poem. I did. I think it was fresh and weird and beautiful and interesting. I was surprised and happy, and next time I hear someone talk about him, I am going to mention last night.
  • Hass: Maybe you've heard of him. But have you ever heard him read a poem with a sex scene? He somehow managed to make an image of dogs humping simultaneously violent, tragic, romantic, and beautiful. Fucking brilliant.
  • O'Brien: Maybe the new kid on this particular block, but he stands with the best of them without falling in their shadow. He is one the smartest people I have ever met, and his poetry last night was so perfectly forged that people's mouths hung open a little as they listened. He's really good. But I've said that enough on this blog.
  • Giscombe: I liked his voice. He caught my imagination. I liked it. Afterward, we spoke a little, and he was very nice, too. He made me wish I got invited to certain "living room" readings.
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Dropsy, after nearly dying––he very nearly died. I mean, there was a little fish with a little sickle in his fin, waiting for Dropsy to finally die of, guess what, dropsy. It's funny that he was dying of dropsy, but he almost died––he is swimming mostly right side up and eating properly and not covered in icky cotton grossness. I was cranky and depressed while he was sick. My humour is recovering as he recovers.
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For those of you who don't know, I am a UC Berkeley student. I am old because I am a reentry. Last fall, I was stressed and confused. Spring was great mostly. This semester is finally getting better, methinks. It is a difficult thing sometimes when your schedule is fucked, and you've got so much going on. So, in only 24 hours, I am much happier. My fish is healthy, and I received many nice emails today and other pieces of good news that won't appear here because my smart friend, who I will henceforth call Salinger, told me to be more careful about what I say. Thanks, Salinger. Thanks everyone. I used the "F" word twice in this long post. Zima!
I did a search for curvy women. This is what I found. Is this what you meant?


Kathryn said...

she is slightly curvier. i will email you a picture of the ideal curvy lady.

i'm glad your fish is getting better. sarah and i agreed that it's very cute that your depression was caused by your sick fish. adorable.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Or maybe his sickness was caused by my depression?

Megan said...

you can come to venom literati's living room readings.

actually they happen behind the red curtain at the zacopane, a polish bar that smells like pee.