Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rich and Famous

I will never be rich. So I am looking for a rich woman to love me. She can marry me for love, and I will marry her for money, and we will both be very happy, and I will read her poetry every day. I will dedicate every book to her. And I will kiss her toes and touch her hair or something.
Last night someone thought it would be funny to make a group on Facebook called "I Fucking Hate Jack Morgan." Today there is a group on Facebook called "I Fucking Hate Jack Morgan." This is not going to help me find a rich woman to love me. Rich women, being the only ones who can afford to marry for love, don't like the bad boy thing. Maybe they do.

I am the bad boy of poetry. I think.

I put a thing on Facebook saying that if a thousand people join the group, I will move to Darfur.
I am going to be in an online journal on Tuesday. On Monday, I will tell you which one. It will be the best poem you ever read if you read it.
The poem is called Murdercycle.
It includes the best author photo ever taken of any poet in the world.
Connie Coady is one of the best poets I have ever met. She is one of my favorite people in the world and she is gong to organize a reading tour for Sara Mumolo and me in NYC. You hear that? All you loyal fans in New York will finally experience the grandeur , pomp, and spectacle that is a Sara Mumolo reading. I will be there mostly for moral support and guidance. I am mostly going to find a rich woman to marry.

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