Monday, August 6, 2007

Scott Bentley and Douglas Rothschild at Last Night's Eyeball Hatred Reading

Did you know Rothschild comes from the German meaning "red sign?"
It does.

Scott Bentley was cool and did a little trick with a guy in the back of the room that surprised everyone and brought little wry smiles to everyone's faces and made everyone happy that they came out to a poetry reading on an unusually cold Sunday summer night.

Douglas Rothschild threw oranges at people during his poem about oranges.
A fun night out with poets.

Took the bus with Clay Banes, who told me that he was going to take over the world of poetry by using his blog as a brainwashing device utilizing the latest technology in subliminal suggestion. Sometimes it's hard to read the signs, but I think Clay might be delusional.

Speaking of retinal impressions, have you seen the newest development on the walls of Pegasus? I always liked the stencil work, but it's even cooler now. I found out that it is the beautiful Isla who is responsible for the beautiful stencil work on the walls that house the best book store in the world. Had I known that, I would have told her in person how wonderful they are. Now there are these circular designs around the stencil portraits that look very good.
I said, "yo Bansey, these look like dat stuff dat guy from keepdrafting do."
Clay said, "you gots a good eye, sirrah. 'Tis."
I said, "word."
You should make it to Pegasus in order to buy poetry. But if yain't got no money, you should at least check out the wicked mural work happening on the walls.
In other news, I have not found a rich woman who wants to marry a poet for love yet. Should I go to Korea like Nick Cage?

Poets make much better lovers than actors.

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RJ Wink said...

enjoyed your poem murdercycle in 3am, i found it mental, but in a good way