Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Honest Abe


I would like to say, honestly, that I am dreaming of designing the cover of Abraham Lincoln. Anne Boyer and K. Silem Mohammad are very nice people. I have a feeling if I just keep talking about it here. If I just keep saying, "I want to design the Abraham Lincoln cover," they will email me or write on my Facebook wall, "Jack, we would love for you to design the cover of Abraham Lincoln."

They only publish really, really, really good poets, and only really, really, really good artists have designed their cover. I would like to be either one very soon.

It's rather difficult from time to time to try to ballance the tasks of visual and word art. Being a really, really, really good writer and artist is rather difficult.

It's really, really, really fun, though.


I have a feeling that a rich, beautiful woman will marry me if I design the Abraham Lincoln cover.

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