Friday, August 10, 2007

Electric Poetry

PG&E said I didn't owe them any money this month. They say I paid too much last month.
I don't need to take that shit from them.

Every month, I pay a little extra, so now they owe me money.
Every month, I send them a poem.
I write it in Spencerian script.
I think it's funny to write the Electric company poems, and it fits into my philosophy that poetry should be part of everyone's every day life.
The person who opens my check will have it.
If they can read Spencerian script.

The poem for this month is
Dearest Ex-lovers:
by Jack Morgan

I developed a roll of film
there was a photograph
of every woman
who ever bothered

We were smiling
when wars started;
spirits of our times.

We flew through the air
landing in cotton springs
of Mayco mattresses

to wrap ourselves
booming breastplates
arms pulse whispers

Caprtured on film:
the blurred result.
I love you, PG & E. You will know it, even if I have to use my own envelope.

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